Pilot / Surgeon Training is a Good Template for Math Pedagogy — WHAT?!

I stumbled on this website and thought it held promise.  But, after following the link to


and to


I have to say that I was dismayed to say the least.  All of our math students should be like pilots and surgeons?  Wow.

I have spent the last 25 years doing a variety of jobs that use math (financial analyst, computer programmer, real estate investment and management, even elevator electrician) and I can confidently say that I have used lots of math and there was no way that a “pilots checklist” would have been helpful for any of the jobs.

Also, for the vast majority of jobs, you don’t have to get the math perfect the first time.  You are usually using imperfect data to make imperfect (but hopefully close) decisions.

I am all for differentiating math for individual learning styles and multiple intelligences, but I definitely do not like the term “personal learning” being a euphemism for rote memorization of steps to solve math problems with the emphasis on accuracy and not understanding.

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