Binary Computer with Dominoes

Best explanation of binary math I have seen.

If you haven’t seen it – this is an awesome video showing how to build a binary computer with dominoes.  He ends up adding two four digit numbers to get a five digit number and it takes 10,000 dominoes.  He does it all in 18 minutes.

My class was on the edge of their seats watching it.


One comment

  1. I loved the video! But, it is confusing to call it an explanation of binary math because it’s actually binary arithmetic with ordinary operations and relations on one hand, and Boolean algebra with Boolean functions on the other. He first built a Boolean computer because of he computed the two Boolean functions “AND” (or 0001) and XOR” (or 0110).
    What I liked most was that he showed me that Boolean functions can be computed by dominoes and I wondered what the isomorphism between the structure of the domino circuit and the function was. I work on using Boolean functions to compute sets of states of tones and beats, and statements about them- now I know that music can be computed by even playing with dominos. Here I have more about Boolean functions and computing music theory; thanks for the great blog alert.

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