TMC15 Day 1

Morning Desmos Group


Agenda – – create movable gifs from Desmos graphs.

List of Stats capabilities –

-Computer Science Teachers Association –



-Use Periscope to live video feed

Afternoon – Keynote: Growing Our Own Practice



– Great teachers –

– Define problems are actionable (not students finish faster than others, but problem is I need richer tasks).TEACHER AGENCY (finding ways blog)

– Representations of practice include more student voice and student perspective.  EMPATHIC REASONING (math mistakes blog)

– Interpretive principles focus on connections among teaching, math, and student understanding. ECOLOGICAL THINKING (rafranz Davig?)

—–PollEverywhere used to collect real time poll

-Nix the tricks wiki

Afternoon Sessions

–  Video Games and Rich Mathematics

– Play even/odds

-Paths to success

— Embrace the Medium  –

— Notice and Wonder

– Draw something app – repeat probablility –

– Game of Threes – what is the scoring rule?

MathMagic Session – Art Benjamin

 Has a Ted Talks

 Cool!… Why!

Square Numbers in your head 

Magic Algebra

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