Desmos Activity Builder

Desmos Activity Builder

Who I am

How I use it:

  • Use it to introduce a concept and vocabulary at the beginning of a lesson
    • Convert some of your paper investigations into a classroom activity.
  • Use it to get your students to practice in the middle of a lesson
    • Transformations etc…
  • Awesome way to help the students connect the algebra and the graph

Jump in: Be a student

Go to with Class Code –

  • class code UKCV7
  • class code MKGEZ

Features that I use:

  • Student progression information
    • Left side
    • Number of students completed each slide
  • Pausing the Class
  • Graph Overlay
  • Isolating a students written answers
  • Class responses to a question
    • Id good answers
    • Id students who are not “getting it”
  • Carry forward student work from one screen to another
  • Now can make your own Marbleslides and Card Sort
    • Desmos labs
  • Sliders – I almost never let the students use them – they just start guessing.
  • History – you can even grade it if you want.

Part I – Desmos Activity Builder – Build Your Own

Create your own:

  • Go to and log in
    • Use your google ID
  • Create a new one (click on the icon under “Your Custom Activities”)
    • You can try to create the “Lines activity” from above.
  • Or Copy one:
    • Search through one of the “Bundles”
    • Click on the red button “Browse all activities”
    • Click on “Learn More”
    • Click on “Duplicate this Activity” and start editing
    • Click on “Start a new session” and invite someone to complete your activity
  • Desmos “How To” Page – with video

Other Links:

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